Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Day at a Castle.

Well hello there again!
Another update, i have made a little vlog and i will be putting up but due to long days spent on this project, i really don't feel like coming home and editing them so they might be a weekend thing.
Yesterday, the plan was to go people watching around norwich, after having a short crit at uni, i decided that i wanted to get a better grasp on first hand drawing people so i creepily went round staring at people in dark corners of coffee shops. After a few hours of this i realised i was getting the same slouched over poses of people over their mugs, so brainwaves hit to go the museum and follow people.
Sadly when we got there, it was completely empty, but serendipitously there was an amazing special event exhibition on that i loved! Really gave me some great portrait artists to look more into.

En route to the castle, so dark and gloomy winter that it looks like twilight nightfall! (it was actually 1pm lol)

Big ol' Castle.

Really sneaky snap of the first hand drawings Cedric Morris had of figures.

This has absoutely nothing to do with my project but look how pretty! (The frame is almost as gorgeous as the painting) 

People watching moody christmas shoppers.

Sleepy cafe lady.

Trying to have a go at tone in my drawings, this is a figure from a Cedric Morris painting, did the original absolutely no justice, i think the word i'm looking for is "butchered". 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Creative Space.

This is my desk, its having dual use at the moment as creative space and make-up dresser, and yes staring at yourself all day in the mirror is really off putting so i usually end up throwing it on the floor. (Ooooh you can see my throw in the mirror lol)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Well hello again!

Hello again lovely people!
i am back with a vengeance!
but, with a slightly different thing goin on'

This, will now be my new reflective journal for my Illustration degree, so sorry, probably no more cringey selfies as often.

Im going all in on this project guys, and im hoping this will keep me on track.
So! i write this on Saturday the 8th of December and i kinda sorta only officially started my project today (so things are already going well...)

here my upkeep on what ive done today! (oo what a lovely screen cap -_-)

As i sorta showed at the end of the vlog, i did some doodles today, heres the instagrams of a select few:

Its now late and im tired from trying to work out imovie, hopefully i'll get better at this.
update you soon!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Original Artwork - The Solar System

Hello beautifuls!
So, i said in my last post if you guys wanted to see more of my illustrations and i thought i would just do it anyway ha.
This is for a project brief we've been given to make a book only looking a rhythm, colour, pace and scale.
Since im madly in love with brain cox (swoon) i obviously completely fell in love with everything he spoke about, which was the solar system.
i really enjoyed every part of this project, researching all the planets and learning new and interesting things about astronomy was so much fun! (nerd points)
i would love to know what you guys think of these final pages, so please feel free to leave (a lovely) comment!