Tuesday, 20 May 2014

20.05.14 - Collaboration

Hello there

Recently been working on a collaboration project with fellow norwich illustrator Lucy Timm

Heres some development work from what i've been putting together for a publishing were thinking of making


Update Soon.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

18.05.14 - Collaboration with Lucy Timm

more to come...

17.05.14 - Application

Hello again,

Had a brainwave after speaking to friends about showing my designs in working order and thought i would photoshop my work into images of interiors i've found online.
Its shoddy, but you get the point!

Update Soon!

17.05.14 - Final Stages

Hello again.

Im in my final stages of putting together my portfolio, and with wanting it to have the feel of a swatch book i'm trying to bring a collection of images that work well together (also i just cant help myself but keep making new designs)

heres a few of them.

Update Soon!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

13.05.14 - Getting Close.

So today we had our final group crit of the year today. It was mostly a round up and collected gathering of thoughts of where the final outcomes were coming to. Since for this last experimental project, i haven't got one, main image that needs to be painted or put together, things are quite calm compared to the deadline for the D&AD brief, its like i had my fill of crazy stress back in March.
Ive been containing putting together my portfolio, planning page (which is really bluddy hard since i have such bright, loud colour combinations going on)

We also spoke about the exhibition and how things might be displayed. We spoke a lot about application of the designs, showing clients and buyers, just how the patterns could be used for artwork, packaging, and decoration.

Im coming more and more to the idea of having tote bags for sale at the exhibition, picking one main image to go forward with and mass printing them on canvas tote bags and having one on display in the exhibition, but I'm still thinking things through, i might go completely the other way and have fabric swatches on show instead. Who knows, I'm taking it all as it comes AFTER assessment hand-in.

Heres an update photo on the printed work up to date.
Update Soon!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

10.05.14 - Further Mix of Line Work

Hello Again

So for some reason unknown to me the colours have come out HIDEOUS when uploading them, and all dark and sludgey.

So the plan for today was to tackle more experiments of clashing line work, i wanted to morph together the thicker and thinner line work.
I'm still taking heavy inspiration for colour from the flora/fauna images i've collected but i'm just enjoying expanding the image making to also consider line and shape with a bit more thought process and care when decision making.

Im going to sit on the images for 24 hours and then decide which ones i prefer and want to consider taking further for portfolio or anything else i could progress with.

Update Soon.

Friday, 9 May 2014

09.05.14 - Line Work Tests

Hello Again.
So as i've been locked deep in my research folders and self evaluations there hasn't been much in the way of creative time, so i thought i would burst out one more round of drawings taken from all this new research i've been looking into.
Recently i've been wanting to play with different line work, these are some experiments into a different brush head then i'm used to for thinner line work.
I'll keep you updated on how it goes with the next batch.
Update Soon.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

01.05.14 - Hey Look, I Made A GIF.

Cooooool. Now to get that ugly watermark off of it.

01.05.14 - Set-up and Get-up

Hello Again.
So today's been that weird time where lots of thinking and doing but nothing new actually happened?
After a morning of meetings about the exhibitions, portfolios and assessment,it gave me the kick up the butt to get some organisation to what might be put in the assessment portfolio.
Since i've done two projects through this term, i will admit I've kind of forgotten a lot about the old D&AD brief, and had to go through all the work to remind myself of what was there and what needed doing with it.
After looking through all of it, there is ALOT of editing that needs to be gone through, i just have so much unnecessary edits that wont be needed. As i was still working through learning more about poster design and specifics of photoshop there's a lot of misprints that just don't need to be included.

I also decided today to set myself up in a different corner of the studio so i could see what work looked like up on the wall and which ones were complementary to one another.
I think because the majority of the pattern designs are so different from one another, its hard to visualise them as one collective when it comes to putting my portfolio together.

I think I'm going to have to allow myself for some considerable time accessing work that compliments each other and maybe going back and making new work that could work complimentary with older pieces.

Ive also got to make serious decisions on what i plan to do with my exhibition space.
I will go into more detail on what i mean on that but i think i will leave it for a separate in depth post of its own.

This is really a blog post for me and a mini target list of what needs to be done in the next couple of days more then anything! But i thought i would update and let you guys know what's going on 3 weeks away from final deadline!

Exciting/stressful times!
Update Soon.

Heres a current photo of the D&AD project.

Putting together images that i think will compliment one another in the portfolio. I think the next step is to play with scale.

I thought i would look at what all the work together would visually look like.
In this up close, busy slapdash way, i think it works, but when it comes to the exhibition, I'm not so sure.

Another image looking at what all the different surface design ideas would look like together.
Loving that green, pink and turquoise image though, cant wait to see it bigger scale, thats my next step.