Thursday, 27 February 2014

27.02.14 - Collaboration with UEA Creative Writing Partners.

Here are the final images produced for my collaboration project with the lovely people over on the creative writing course at UEA.

My partner was Ella Smith and she kindly sent me over a few of her poems to read through and decide on.
After reading through, i chose this poem as i thought it had such beautiful pace and emotion.
Since Ella's use of word repetition, i wanted to show that someway through the patterns.
I also loved the concept of there being hundreds of small elements that clog up your brain and make you not be able to think clearly.
I therefore used bold, deep, dark, rich colours to show these themes and work with a powerful and bold typeface to get that emotion across.
It was a really enjoyable experience and i wish to continue to work on collaborations!

Update Soon.

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