Saturday, 22 February 2014

22.02.14 - Weekly Fresh Starts (D&AD New Blood Awards - The Body Shop.)

Hello again,
So i think you can tell, this project has been harder to keep tabs on then the previous one.
Since a lot more is in my control i've been feeling less like documenting the process then on previous projects
But, that does intend to change, i do want to keep this blog as a way for myself to document what has been done and i think a lack of updating on the blog has been due to finding it hard to start from coming back from christmas.
Yes, i know that was over 2 months ago, but believe me it was the quickest two months of my life.
So lets starts with how we intend to move on.
Short, sweet and to the point but i don't see anytime in making excuses.
Update Soon.

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