Tuesday, 18 February 2014

18.02.14 - Crit With a Difference (D&AD New Blood Awards - The Body Shop.)

Hello Again
So since I've been having so many problems with font, i decided to take some initiative and speak to people who i know would know more about graphic design and fonts then myself.
I decided to contact a old school friend studying Graphic Design in Sheffield to get some insight and his opinions into what could help me develop the use of image and text together.
Ive included a small section of our conversation above.
The general points i took away from the discussion was to worry less about the font in the sense of the way they look and concentrate on the wording to explain what I'm trying to get across in the image.
He advised to bring in the science elements back into the images, making it a little clearer of the idea that i have in mind.

I sent over one surface design i had worked with and Charles edited the image (shown above) to show the dots connected like they would be if seen in a atomic drawing

Overall, the whole thing was a real insight and great help
It definitely calmed me down as to my worrying and gave me some great ideas to continue with.

Update Soon.

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