Friday, 10 May 2013

The Final Product.

Hello there!
in what seems like forever, to make it sound evermore dramatic.
It is made.
Yes, thats right the final painting/s has been finished and, let me just say that thing took me way over the time i expected (i seem to always do this). After the first day painting all the main washes of colour, i kept a timer going and stopped it every time i took a break to do other things while it dired, the whole thing (barr the first day) took over eight hours! (broken up into two and half days)
I dont think ive ever made something that took me more then 40 minutes since.... my GCSE's.
But on a serious note, it felt so good when i had finally finished, i think especially when you spend long amounts of time looking at one piece, you kinda start to hate it.
And yes, as I've said in my project summery (which i will add onto the blog after ive handed in for final assessment  i dont think its the most beautiful painting I've ever done. Theres a fiar few blobs of stray dirty water places on it and some annoying smudges but my god, i feel like i went through something with that god damn thing so i just dont care anymore.
I tried as much as i could to keep remembering to take photographs of the final throughout the time painting it, but i just seemed to forget a lot and the lightings bad as i went into the early hours of the morning.
I found that also, out of stupidity, i assumed that buying the most expensive paper would give me the best results, it probably would for someone doing gorgeous, sheer layers of watercolours, but as i was basically using my watercolours as if they were poster paint, it took SO many layers to build up the paint thick enough so that it was opaque.
If i was to go back in time, i probably would of looked into gouaches and acrylics but i just got so swept up in the story development that i never even thought to explore new medias.
So i write this now on the day before hand-in so this could potentially be one of my last posts, i have A LOT of backlogged drafts to go up though, so im not to sure if blogger will mess up the timeline of everything.
Oh and i'll also be doing a write-up of what happened after i've received my feedback and grade so even though the blog might be quite for a week or so, it will come back at some point with a roundup and then the next project!
Update Soon!

P.S technical note, something is going wrong with the picture quality on the posts this week, i have no idea whats going on, i did a blogger update on my iPad and now, all the photos are coming up horribly grainy, this best not stay otherwise its going to screw up the whole way i can work without using wires or paper. (Ive managed this whole project to solely rely on my iPhone to take the photos, my iPad to write up 80% of the blog posts and my Macbook to do my research, so hitting this now is terribly frustrating as i thought i was going to take over the world with good, digital, reflective journals.) 

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