Saturday, 4 May 2013

26.04.13 - collaborative project workshop and final outcome.

Okay so I'm now actually writing this prior to when this day happens (have a little bit of lea-wave for me guys, it's long days for us students, a 10 hour day is tiring! I can't write up in the same day everyday even if I wanted to)
So quite a big chunk of the next few entries are going to be catchups on what's been going on in the last week or so.
So yes the collaborative project, as I had been working on a few minor ideas before we fully started on the Friday workshop, we both got off to a pretty good start, with a plan of what we needed to have by the end of the day, we quickly worked out a schedule and gave ourself almost a real half of the work going. I aimed most of my time developing character and composition on just over four of the finals and Jess focused on background, well this was the plan at least.
I definitely noticed that even though we both got on fantastically, and our ideas were in sync, Jess had a much faster pace then me when working.
It might be down to what we were actually drawing at the time, or the fact that I'm just quite a slow drawer, who knows, but I found myself taking a lot more time on things that maybe didn't matter as much.
When I look back at the photos now I genuinely can't tell there done by two different people, which I really love about our outcome. I think my favourite final out of them all in the orange dessert scene.
We wanted it to look like our character was traveling through different scenes, almost like he was seeing the wonders of the world, or fulfilling a bucket list.
One way of really clearly setting that out in a short space of time was to use colour to our advantage. We made a theme for each destination and with that came a colour palette.
I had been previously working with outlines and block ink to make pattern around the the figures. But we adapted this into shapes that are known with desserts. We used both my drawings of cacti and jesses and combined them together to make a abstract landscape. I just think the whole thing came out great in that piece and it was exactly what I had imagined our outcome to look like.
I would definitely do more collaboration with other people, I find the part of sharing ideas and visions really exciting, it's the part of teaching I'm most looking forward to and probably why I try not to work alone and come into the studios on mot days.
Good project guys.
Update soon.

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