Saturday, 4 May 2013

03.05.13 - final outcome placement planning.

Have done a few sketches today of what I think I'm going to end up having as the placements of the watercolour scenes.
It actually took more thought then I had originally expected (as usual peel!) Since my scenes take place in a forest, I do just naturally have a repeating pattern of lots of trees, when I was coming up with the idea of having them in a sequence of different shapes and sizes, I didn't take into account the weight of some of the paintings compared to others.
Some of them are heavy in details and colour and then others are a lot of clean and simple so when placing the, onto the page, I want the right balance that's still pleasing to look at.
Taking this in mind, I've added/edited some scenes and I actually think its made the whole thing look a lot more like a flowing story.
I'm hoping you can see this through the quick sketches.
Now is just to paint the mocks and finals all in 5 days :|
Update soon..... if I haven't run away.

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