Saturday, 4 May 2013

29.04.13 - Morning Workshop.


So things were little different this Monday in particular. We had a bit of a shakeup and had our lecture in the afternoon for a change.
We started the day with our workshops, this weeks task was to draw 10 different heads all showing something in particular in the piece.
Now, I can understand these workshops, there put in our schedules to help us come up its different ideas and make us maybe look at different styles, subjects, medias that could broaden our working practice. But since there for everyone some of them are relevant and helpful and then some mot so much.
I work a lot with character so this one wasn't as helpful as some in the past. I did use of the the emotions from the list (loneliness) to develop some colours and techniques with the character designs I've been using for this project, but didn't find the, helping me develop anything in particular. Shame, I do usually love a chance to draw faces all day long

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