Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Personal - Nostalgia

It's nice to hear your voice again
I've waited all day long
Even wrote a song for you
It's strange, the way you make me feel
With just a word or two
I'd like to do the same for you

It's nice to hear you say hello
And "how are things with you - I love you"
But very soon it's time to go
An office job to do
While I'm here writing songs for you

Strange how a phonecall can change your day
Take you away
Away from the feeling of being alone
Bless the telephone

It's nice, the way you say my name
Not very fast or slow, just soft and low
The same as when you tell me how you feel
I feel the same way too
I'm very much in love with you

Bless the telephone - Labi Siffre.
Extremely nostalgic, been surrounded by his song my whole life, full of love and warmth.

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