Monday, 18 March 2013

18.03.13 - Personal

So as I may or may not have explained yet, this project is being cut into 3 smaller projects.
I'm roughly trying to spend 2 weeks on each but obviously they will bleed into one another. As you might of noticed, I've been starting off with place. This is a more regimented approach, find places, photograph them, draw them. This is the aspect I'm good at. Thorough routine.
People, kind of he same being honest,
But personal, I have a feeling I will struggle with, so to ease myself into things I'm going to start posting self portraits from time to time hopefully. Please don't find me arrogant, I really do find it quite hard to bare my soul to strangers. Superficial things like what I had for tea and me and my mates out drinking I'm fine with, but all this soppy stuff makes me want to crawl back to bed with horror of just how cringey it might be. Wish me luck.

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