Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Fresh new beginnings for BA6!

Oh dear, hello again. Well this looks like a bad start doesn't it? My intentions with the last project to keep a update on my project didn't go so well, BUT hopefully my plan this term is to keep EVERYTHING on here, and I mean everything! Since the last project I've acquired an iPad, so I'm hoping this makes the whole thing a lot smoother. So, here's my hopeful list on what is to appear.

- progress on my work and updates on the development of the project.
- (a big change to the way i normally work) artist/illustrators I've found this week and some more in depth artist research.
- MAYBE contextual research. Now I personally think this is the mot boring thing to do (and most likely read) on earth BUT the marking gods wish to punish us for having such great fun doing everything else.

Right there are my goals, I've written them down now so no going back! It also is published true to time so I'll be pressured to write something here every few days. I don't see how I can't stop and do a quick post every time I have a coffee? Surely? (Famous last words)

P.s here's a gorgeous pattern to looks at to make up for all the crappy writing!

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