Thursday, 17 April 2014

17.04.14 - Embriodery Progression

Hello There
Apologies for not the most beautiful of photographs.
Ideally, i think i would like to scan this piece in so show off how shiny it really in in the flesh, but we'll just have to do with this for now.
So, what you are looking at there, is FAR to many hours of needlework, it doesn't seem right to me anymore to spend longer than a day on something.
Im really happy with how it looks, the textures of the thread are giving some life to these abstract patterns and colours, its a dimension i thought my work would never take, and is as far away as you can be from your bog standard embroidery pattern.
Obviously with this being my first ever venture into embroidery, you can tell in this development peice that i'm new to the game, but i don't think that top right corner is to far off being to a pretty good standard!
I have more plans where where i want to go with all of this, i'll keep you in the loop. (ey, ey)
Update Soon!

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