Saturday, 12 April 2014

12.04.14 - Ceramics Up To Now.

Hello There
So its hard to keep you updated on how the development of the ceramics is going, there's not really development,in the sense of that i make one thing which then gets changed by the course of events to the next one, but i just see where the day of making them takes me and when it comes to a point of collecting them all together, this is what we've got.

So as you can see, i have tried working with both bright colours and more muted colours, when talking to others about the end of degree exhibition, i think people assumed that bright colours on the images means for the ceramics to tie in they also need to be bright. But, I'm really more enjoying these shapes when they are in more muted tones, i think it gives them more grace and a softer and more fragile feeling.

I have absolutely-no-bloody-clue what or where I'm going with these pieces. I definitely need a sit down and plan of action with someone, I'm free falling into modelling clay.

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