Tuesday, 1 April 2014

01.04.14 - Aesthetics of Assembly.

The more time i've been spending thinking about my exhibition space as a whole, the more i have been focusing on assembling my made objects in a creative way also.

To practice, i've been taking small scale photographs of how i might have them assembled for the end exhibition.

I want to include some type of decorative ideas along with my work and make a space that really encapsulates all the ideas that i work around.

This image taken earlier, i've tried to include some of the ideas that i want to take forward such as textures alongside the ceramics (woods, soft furnishings) and mixing them along with actual flowers to get a soft feel of the FLORA/FAUNA theme.

I think giving the 3D designs as area for them to really be appreciated is important in getting the tone suggested with my work.

Im going to continue to photograph smaller ideas throughout the work as it really puts things into perspective for me.

Update Soon.

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