Tuesday, 14 January 2014

14.01.14 - Visual Imagery

Goooood morning.
So today is project proposals day and were getting all our things together to present for a group crit this afternoon.
I think its about time that i started going through some of the research that I've found while looking into ideas for the body shop brief so let me fill you in.
These are all the visuals i've been putting together for both my experimental project (which i've now decided to call 'Flora/Fauna')
Recently i've been really inspired by bold and bright garden exotica and big bold coloured shapes.
Ive also enjoyed spreading my imagery collecting wider as i've been working with pattern and looking at textile design and product design.
I know that i want to make uplifting, creative work for my final project in this degree, and including this with the body shop brief would be a happy balance of enjoying my own experimental creativity and producing work on a commercial basis.
Update Soon.

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