Thursday, 9 January 2014

09.01.14 - Initial Visuals

While searching for inspiration online i found this image and its a real embodiment of some of the things i would like to include in the poster designs that would be featured in the front of the store.

i want that all encompassing feeling when you walk through the doors, and some type of floral garland entrance thats been hand drawn so could be mass-produced could be really effective.

Also, diving in at the deep end, i thought i would start with things i find exciting all the time, so with one of the posters for the brief wanting to look at the infamous body butters, i thought i could single ut the colour palette that all the body butters make together.

Now bare with me, i appreciate that this is rough, but look how lovely the colour palette is all when next to each other!
Im so happy with this, i think its something i could really work with, when thinking about my illustrations.
Update Soon!

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