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13.01.14 - Project Proposals Finalised!

Hello again!
Sorry for the semi-long interval between updates, but I'm back with good news. The projects have been decided and at this point in time we have two.
Thought i'd get them up on here so hope you enjoy!

Project One

Course & Unit number: Illustration BA8
Name: Rachel Peel (1101632)

1. Project Proposal Title:
D&AD New Blood Awards 2014 – The Body Shop Brief Entry

2. Project Proposal Content: 
For my first project I will be entering my work into the D&AD New Blood Awards Competition under the brief set by The Body Shop.
The Body Shop is looking for a new visual language for their brand communications that reflects their pioneering sprit within the beauty industry and as a forward thinking British brand.
Through this competition entry I will be submitting work that is influenced from my on-going personal experimental project to look into surface and pattern designs.
I will also be using this competition entry as a way of seeing my work on a various number commercial products and this hopefully leading to an exciting way to display my work at the end of year exhibition.
The theme of my work will be looking into creating a visual language that displays the Body Shops modern outlook into cosmetics packaging. I want to create a visual language that looks feminine and modern in a new and foreword thinking way; I aim to make illustrated artwork that is ready and incorporated onto any of the products available at the store.
With this project I want to change the way The Body Shop is perceive to the average female customer. I would hopefully like the rebranding to make The body Shop an accessible place to purchase modern and easy use products in a space that’s enjoyable to be part of.
One of the factors I would like to look at in this project is the difference between shopping on the website and being in the store. There has to be qualities that being the store has, that you can’t find when shopping online.

3. Context and audience:
At this point throughout my time at university I would like to see my work being used in different ways other then specifically art for sale, and as much as my personal project will influence this project I want to see my work being used in a more commercial way.
With The Body Shops target audience being 18-35 year old women, I’m smack bang in the target audience and feel like this is an area that know fairly well already as I spend my free time following the online beauty community reading product reviews and new launches, this leading to a good knowledge of where the beauty industry is heading and what is current.

4. Research Sources:
With most of my visuals for this project coming from my personal project, I will use that project as a honey jar to dip into when needed.
An aspect that I want to include in this project is a way of creating beautiful designs that encapsulate qualities, colours and a personality of the target audience so to do this I will be looking into all things that surround that target audiences life and what they might want out of their beauty products. I want to look into what products that they already have and cherish and what traits they have that make them so beloved.
Also on top of this I tend to explore into beauty branding and the advertising side of the companies and will have a large source of secondary research as inspiration and influence into what I would like to achieve with The Body Shop products redesign.

5. Learning Methodology:
I will first begin with generating visual ideas for the project by spending a substantial amount of time looking into different ways beauty companies have re-launched themselves and what aspects are being taken on by new and establishing beauty companies.
I will also look into how a customer tackles the different ways of purchasing products online and in a store and how my visuals could be used for each of these different ways. I will be keeping an online blog that will documents each step of my process and what sparks of insight lead to one another so that when it comes to tracing my steps back at the end of my project I am able to see what ideas influenced each other.
This whole project is a way of me acquiring new knowledge into how my work can be developed for after I leave university. I want to go through all the different ways I can use my work. For my last project I looked into how my work could be used alongside text within poetry and for this one I want to look into the world of commercial
My weaknesses in this project will be my lack of knowledge when it comes to graphic designs. It seems that the competition is set more towards graphics and digital design students but I think my creative approach is maybe what the store needs. Sometimes extremely reputable companies need to have a recognisable and middle of the road approach to their branding, within this project I wish to explore the possibilities of what might be accomplishable if we were to look at the entry in a more artistic approach.
With this said, I will be exploring new ways of tackling my research and whole approach to designing work. I will be working in the start of my visual research getting patterns handmade and then developing them further digitally using my new knowledge acquired in the last project.
I appreciate that in this final stage of the course that we should be focusing on resolutions and finalising our visual language but I still see this time in education as a way for me to develop my work in all the different channels it could go down, taking this chance on the brief set by The Body Shop is a way for me to further teach myself into what I could do with my work outside of education.

6. Work for Assessment:
Echoed in part 5, I am here to learn ways of producing my artwork to different end points, focusing this time on the commercial side my work could take.
 For this project I will be submitting all that is asked from the competition entry brief. This includes:

 - Four A2 posters showcasing each of the following products sold by The Body Shop: Body Butter, Nutiriganics drops of Youth, Colour Crush Lipsticks, White Musk EDP.

- A social campaign poster and a mission statement on what social campaign should be tackled.

-  A mission statement on one other channel the company could take to bring newness and depth to their campaign, focusing on creating a way to drive people into store.

- Additional work looking at packaging and branding of the products being mentioned in the A2 posters.

7. Schedule of Work: (to include the deadline for submission of assessment):
To keep a tight schedule on my work I keep weekly plans of actions and keep a blog which works as a planner, diary and journal all in one to make sure I am keeping to plan.


8. Resource requirements:
I will require studio space to create my work, printing facilities and university library resource’s to use for research.

Project Two

Course & Unit number Illustration BA8
Name Rachel Peel
1. Project Proposal Title:
Personal On-going Experimental project.
2. Project Proposal Content: 
As a constant sideline project, I will be taking soley dedicated time each week to further my suface and pattern designs to make a personal portfolio of work to show my range of skills to add to my online web presence.
I intened to explore my personal project with an open mind that can sometimes be boxed in by having a specific end point and subject matter to adhere to.
I wish to make a catalouge of work that I can use to fuel ideas for other projects and be a catalyst for ideas of development.

3. Context and audience:
I have intention to use this work as a way of showcasing how my work can be adaptable to many different objects and subject matters, with that in mind there is not set audience for this project as I’m trying to tackle my work being used for different audiences.

4. Research Sources:
I want to use the project as a way of grasping the most I can out of research. I find that on most of my feedback forms my areas for improvements speak about getting my most I can from my research. I wish to use this project as a way of having no end goal so I can solely focus on where my research takes my work.

5. Learning Methodology:
I will first start off the project by looking into pattern making in colours that are influenced by my other project, I hope that throughout the term/s that each project can influence the other and keep batting in-between the two.
I hope in this project to go back to using different medias and materials. I noticed that for the last project I started to get really fascinated with texture and surface. I want to look into brushstrokes and how to use them effectively in what I wish to achieve. For doing this I will go back to looking at more thicker paints and gaining some knowledge in how to use to them to my best advantages.

6. Work for Assessment:
In this project I will be including having a fully working online portfolio that showcases all my different projects up-to-date that I have completed at university.
I also want there to be a large backlog of work to look through so I can have a established online website.
I also intend to have a swatch book of different pattern designs and display them in a creative way for the end of year exhibition.
7. Schedule of Work: (to include the deadline for submission of assessment):

8. Resource requirements:
I will require studio space to create my work, printing facilities and university library resource’s to use for research.

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