Tuesday, 13 May 2014

13.05.14 - Getting Close.

So today we had our final group crit of the year today. It was mostly a round up and collected gathering of thoughts of where the final outcomes were coming to. Since for this last experimental project, i haven't got one, main image that needs to be painted or put together, things are quite calm compared to the deadline for the D&AD brief, its like i had my fill of crazy stress back in March.
Ive been containing putting together my portfolio, planning page (which is really bluddy hard since i have such bright, loud colour combinations going on)

We also spoke about the exhibition and how things might be displayed. We spoke a lot about application of the designs, showing clients and buyers, just how the patterns could be used for artwork, packaging, and decoration.

Im coming more and more to the idea of having tote bags for sale at the exhibition, picking one main image to go forward with and mass printing them on canvas tote bags and having one on display in the exhibition, but I'm still thinking things through, i might go completely the other way and have fabric swatches on show instead. Who knows, I'm taking it all as it comes AFTER assessment hand-in.

Heres an update photo on the printed work up to date.
Update Soon!

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