Monday, 24 March 2014

24.03.14 - One on One Tutorial with Glyn.

Today, i had my first one on one tutorial in quite some time, as spoken about before the past few weeks we have been having group crits so it felt nice to be a bit more calm and collected looking through my work.
I spoke to Glyn about my new brief ideas and that i wanted to look into making a curated collection of objects and areas showcasing my work to how it can be commented in different ways, and showed my ceramics that I've been working on.
All went very well and pleasant, and we spoke about maybe looking down the route of window displays and set designs so i can get a feel of how to put together a small space.

Im really excited to start something, by the end of the D&AD brief, things felt like they were really dragging out so it feels awakening to get something new started.

Hopefully in the next week or so i can look into window displays and start thinking about all the different ways i can showcase my surface designs, i have a lot of ideas flaring around at the moment so i think it will be clarifying to get a list of everything to ensemble together.

I also will be working around the theme of "FLORA/FAUNA" for my window display, something i had been playing around with since the early days of BA8.

Update Soon.

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