Saturday, 22 March 2014

22.03.14 - Simple Skincare's Cleansing Wipes Illustration Brief.

Hello Again.

I have a abrupt post to publish on a completely new project brief i have taken on.

An email was sent out to all the students making them aware of a competition brief to design a limited edition pack of Simple Skincare's Cleansing Wipes.

With only 5 days to produce and finalise the outcome, i thought i would dive head in and see what i could come up with on such a short notice project.

I write the post on the day of finishing the outcomes.

Taking in mind that i had just come out of a intense brief such as the D&AD I'm not to sure that in hind sight this was the best idea for me.

I am happy with the outcomes but i don't think they are the best thing i could of produced if i had given the project more time and energy.

The brief only allowed 3 colours, and the people at simple made it very clear that the company was a white and green aesthetic, so it left me with very little room to work with.

Seeing as the work i have been producing lately is completely colour based this was a harder task then first thought.

Im probably most happy with the 3rd image from the list below, but it just didn't feel very "simple" to me, as an illustrator and as a customer.
I chose in the end to go with the final image from the list below.
A very, sweet, but simple pattern design that incorporated some of the themes that the brief sent.

I feel no different coming out of the brief, it went so fast and didn't really have that much to give me that I'm not annoyed that the outcome wasn't as great as i would of liked it to have been.

Move on and upwards to much greater things coming up in my work!

Update Soon.

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