Saturday, 8 December 2012

Well hello again!

Hello again lovely people!
i am back with a vengeance!
but, with a slightly different thing goin on'

This, will now be my new reflective journal for my Illustration degree, so sorry, probably no more cringey selfies as often.

Im going all in on this project guys, and im hoping this will keep me on track.
So! i write this on Saturday the 8th of December and i kinda sorta only officially started my project today (so things are already going well...)

here my upkeep on what ive done today! (oo what a lovely screen cap -_-)

As i sorta showed at the end of the vlog, i did some doodles today, heres the instagrams of a select few:

Its now late and im tired from trying to work out imovie, hopefully i'll get better at this.
update you soon!