Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Original Artwork - The Solar System

Hello beautifuls!
So, i said in my last post if you guys wanted to see more of my illustrations and i thought i would just do it anyway ha.
This is for a project brief we've been given to make a book only looking a rhythm, colour, pace and scale.
Since im madly in love with brain cox (swoon) i obviously completely fell in love with everything he spoke about, which was the solar system.
i really enjoyed every part of this project, researching all the planets and learning new and interesting things about astronomy was so much fun! (nerd points)
i would love to know what you guys think of these final pages, so please feel free to leave (a lovely) comment!



  1. looks great! i love the marbled background you used for space. what did you use?

    1. its very thick water colour. i first wet the paper and then dropped the watercolour on top of it and then did another black wash on top afterwards. Then the stars are white gel pen :)

  2. Lovely post, I love you blog!:-)
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  3. You are so skilled ! Really enjoying your artwork posts !

    Clay xx

  4. I remember our class made papier maché planets in year 4 and I was entrusted with Mercury, aha. Your illustration is so cool! Love the cosmic background.

  5. I love how you've created the background, the texture and colour is gorgeous :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  6. Your illustrations are gorgeous! They would look so cool on a little t-shirt..